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Builders Business Success Podcast

Oct 11, 2020

I've got a conversation with Greg Layton, he's the Chief Maker, if you look up Chief Maker on the Interwebs in Melbourne, you'll learn all about Greg.

We're gonna be talking to him about his approach to success and helping CEOs of large organizations.

You might be thinking, but why are we talking to Greg about building if he works with CEOs, is because the principles are the same. management principles are the same, psychology with success of a business is the same.

And it's really interesting to get a slightly different perspective from somebody else to apply it to your business, so are we talking to Greg in this episode.

Of course, we're gonna go with ‘What’d I Say’, we were fortunate enough to capture something that was worthwhile sharing with you during the week.

I'm gonna be answering a question that a lot of builders ask and the answer just might surprise you.