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Builders Business Success Podcast

Jul 31, 2022

Who you attract into your building business affects the whole business...

If you have a nightmare client it will affect the business financially, it will give you the shits, it will give your team the shits, it will give the customer themselves the shits.

You need to really pay attention to exactly who you want to...

Jul 24, 2022

If your team does not know the purpose of your business, then it will cost you.

Listen to find out why running a building business is so hard and how sharing the focus around will create fortunes of value and wealth.

Watch the video version of the podcast in our new builders only app! Where all the resources to make...

Jul 17, 2022

What the bloody hell are you doing this for?

Running a business is hard..

There is a heap of sacrifice..

There is little free time, there is money stress, you ave to look after the employees and clients.

The thing is you can change all of this, but there is one thing that HAS to change and that the thing we are talking...

May 1, 2022

In this podcast episode, we unpack a brand new process to implement into a building process that makes sure you get stuff done and ensures constant growth to the business.

We also have idea of the week! Where we show a once a week activity that ramps up productivity.

We'd also encourage you to invite any of your...

Apr 24, 2022

This episode, the question is, do you actually know what you're selling? Do you know what your real product is?

Because it's actually not the house at the end of the driveway...

EVERYTHING changes when you really know.

We are also doing our idea of the week we're giving you a bit of kit that'll increase your...