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Builders Business Success Podcast

Nov 28, 2021

We normally do some content and then we have the Q&A, and then we have an idea of the week, so it can get a shot of our light floating light bulb, not this week. 

I thought we'd sort of lighten the mood a little bit and get it into a little bit of edutainment, might be, or there might be some other fancy words for it,...

Nov 21, 2021

So what is on the agenda for this particular episode? We're going to be talking about stress. 

In particular, in the building industry, it creates a lot of stress. Now I'm gonna use the word distress because I think that there is a difference between stress being positive and stress being negative. 

The question we're...

Nov 14, 2021

So the topic of this here podcast is just being aware of who you hang around with and the effect of who you hang around with, not only to your business, but to your life.

Start to be a lot more consciously aware of who you hang around with and how much time that you spend with those different types of people. 


Nov 7, 2021

We're gonna be talking about shifting that mindset from builders, from the owner of a building business, to more of an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Also got Q and A, and based on last week, we talked about the effective hourly rate. And so someone's asked a question, how do I improve my effective hourly rate? They sort of...