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Builders Business Success Podcast

Mar 28, 2021

So what we're covering today is this question of ask who not how.

It's a real important mind shift to start to give you more time and financial freedom in your business and get rid of a lot of unnecessary stress that is created from time pressure and being under the pump. I'd like to know what this pump is that people...

Mar 21, 2021

I'm going to talk about something, that I used to teach over 35 years ago. Used to do a course, a half day course that people would keep coming back to every month and it was called Coach Any Dummy to Succeed Even Yourself.

And one of the Laws of Success that we would teach in that half-day course, was the Law of Never...

Mar 14, 2021

This episode is the second in a series of, master the basics episodes that we are doing.

It's super important, I believe to really master the basics.

We're also gonna do our Q and A.

And this particular question was a bit interesting headed a couple of times.

And in fact, just spoke to one of our builders business black...

Mar 7, 2021

So in this particular episode we're going to be talking about focusing on the basics.

My suspicion is that there's gonna be a few of these, this is kind of gonna be a series of episodes of the podcast on the basics and the basics that we're going to be talking about today, are super frustrating, super powerful when you...