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Builders Business Success Podcast

Jul 26, 2020

We're going to be talking about how to really deliver value to your customers!

One of the things that I want you to take away from this show is the value of being in a group of really smart people that will hold you to a higher standard, plus you get to meet some very valuable people.

  • Not that long ago, I met the guest that we’ve got on this show, his name’s Jason Goldberg. I just happened to get put in a random group with him. We really hit it off. He’s a super smart dude. He’s a super kind and sharing dude, very knowledgeable.
  • As always, we’ve got the cameras rolling 24/7 to just get that one little bit of valuable information that I give out at some stage during the week. And we’re going to put it in the segment, What Did I Say.
  • We traditionally do a tech or a book review. This is kind of neither. It’s a little bit of something in the middle. If you grab this thing, if you understand this thing and I’ve got something to share with you at the end about it. It can make such a profound difference to your building business.