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Builders Business Success Podcast

Jul 19, 2020

We’ve got a really, really exciting show lined up for you. Super pumped to talk to a really good mate of mine and his name is Josh Mckiterick. He’s just such a smart, passionate dude. He loves to help out. He loves to get people’s ideas of what they’re trying to accomplish out and in a form that can be implemented and applied, and really helps people achieve their goals.

  • He talks about valuable decision making, smart business partnerships and the value of seizing opportunity.
  • I share a story of when I was in jail, and gained some huge value about the skill to listen, learn and fully understand people on another level
  • We’ve also got a book review of the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
    In my view, if there was a law that came out that said, “You’re only ever allowed to have one book in your life.” This book would be the one I would take.