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Builders Business Success Podcast

Oct 10, 2021

Going to be talking about putting your own oxygen mask on first. Now that is obviously a metaphor. If you've ever flown on a plane, if you can remember back in the days, when we used to fly on planes, they used to do an announcement and they said, put your own oxygen mask on first, before you help anybody else. 

We're gonna talk about how that affects your, the success of your building business, the enjoyment, the profitability, the efficiency, the effectiveness, all of those cool things about your building business. If you understand this metaphor and you do something about it. 

Of course, we're going to do Q and A: How do we eliminate the time-wasters?

There are people that thieve your time that steal your time. Some do it unknowingly others do it on purpose. 

Of course, we've got an idea of the week. The reason we have idea of the week is because I found a floating light bulb and we just needed to get, create a reason to get a shot of it.